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Ceramic Coating In Hampshire

You have a choice of 1 & 3 Year Ceramic coatings.

With all Ceramic coatings we can also Ceramic coat your crash helmet free of charge.


Your motorcycle will have a full detail before the coating is applied, this is to ensure that all grease, tar, grime, waxes and polishes are removed from the bike, before the coating process.

Ceramic coatings are professionally "airbrushed" onto the entire bike. Offering scratch resistance and are anti-corrosion. Being high temperature resistant to 750ºC means that we can apply to the engine and exhaust too, ensuring full protection for your bike. After Ceramic coating your motorcycle will be easier to clean!


Suitable for both matt paint (without making it glossy) and gloss paint. We usually have the motorcycle for a day or two to allow for dry time, ceramic coating application and cure time.

Ceramic Coating Harley Davidson Ultra Glide
Ceramic Coating Of 2x BMW GS
Ceramic Coating Superveloce 800
Ceramic coating BMW RRM